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Forward Focused Group Story Established in October 2020

Our organization was established in October 2020 by our founders Vida & Simon Reid. They are concerned parents, relatives, and service providers of people with physical and mental disabilities who have a vision for the type of care they want for their loved ones and the passion, strength and generosity of spirit to turn their vision into reality. Within just days of opening, we have already supported more and more people in need every day. We hope to continue supporting our communities for a better life of quality. Our core business is to provide support coordination for early intervention and mental health recovery support. We provide services with sensitivity, respect, and trust.

Founders of forward focused with their son and ndis participant at an autism cricket game
Vida Reid, forward focused co-founder

Vida Reid Founding Executive Director

Vida Reid was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis in 2008 after giving birth to her daughter. She lost her vision, her speech and her ability to walk. From about 2013 until now Vida has worked in job active, disability employment services and NDIS sector. She has enjoyed every second and moment of her time serving the people in a country that gave her a second chance in life and hope.

When Vida’s son was about three years old he was diagnosed with autism and later on recently with intellectual disability. They were told that he will never speak a word by a professional that was assessing him at the time. This made Vida so angry because there was no light left at the end of the tunnel and no hope. At the same time Vida took it on as a challenge. She made sure that every day she would practice simple words with him and take him to therapies and organise referrals to the best organisations and treating doctors so that he would have a better chance at a good quality of life. Today Vida is proud to say that her son speaks 3-4 word sentences and he is still improving.

Tired of watching other organisations drag their feet when it came to embracing the NDIS & participant recovery, Vida decided to start her own company to see if she could improve the NDIS experience for our participants.

Simon Reid Founding Executive Director

Simon is a co-founding director of FFG with a background in the mining and resources sector. He is an experienced company director, and has served as company secretary for a UK based mining company. His background also includes serving his country in the Australian Defence Force. He holds qualifications in financial planning, and has experience as a psychosocial recovery coach and support coordination.

Simon’s interest in the NDIS & helping people with disabilities stem from his own struggles with depression and anxiety working in the resources sector. His practice is focused on real life application of the tools he has used to maintain and improve his own mental health.

Simon has an excellent set of practical skills that he has studied and implemented, covering the latest insights into neuroscience, biology and personal development coaching people to achieve real world outcomes. His holistic approach to mental health addresses physical health, daily routines, healthy relationships, meaningful work, financial security and spiritual practices to encompass an evidence based approach to making lasting change and aiding recovery.

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founders Vida and Simon Reid posing together