Recovery coaching is strengths based coaching that focuses on recovery from all addictions including substances, food, money, work, relationships and mental health.
Recovery coaching helps clients develop and deepen their unique path to recovery. It helps to reduce the likelihood of relapse and build a stable foundation for a life of recovery, growth and happiness.

With the guidance of an experienced, well-trained and credentialed Recovery Coach (Focused Coach) and a clear plan in place, you can absolutely change your situation.

Our female and male Recovery Coaches have a breadth and depth of professional experience in all facets of a Recovery Oriented System of Care which makes us well rounded and an asset to those we work with. 

Our goal as your recovery coach is to serve as your mentor and support you in removing barriers and obstacles to your recovery.
We will focus on building your self awareness: helping you define your goals and optimize your fulfilment in life and work. We will hold you accountable through a supportive, nurturing relationship.


The initial step to assess the coaching fit is to set up a 30 minute complimentary phone encounter. After that we will set up a schedule to meet either in person, via skype, facetime or phone. Meetings will take place once a week for one month and then every two weeks for the next two months. This can be adjusted according to the client’s needs.


Each session will start with an exploration of the issues that the client wishes to address. We will work with you to discover an outcome you desire. We will work on an action plan and then implement the steps necessary for success.


In recovery you will have: -an ability to effectively cope with your triggers -a way to live life in alignment with your values -a sustainable and personalized recovery plan -a holistic plan for improved mental health and physical wellness -self accountability -greater peace of mind

FFG Recovery Approach

Forward Focused operates within a strength based, psychosocial rehabilitation framework, with a focus on supports that are recovery focused, strengths based and that are culturally appropriate.

The Star is an evidence-based tool that supports to prompt discussion to identify your strengths, what areas would make most difference to you, develop SMART goals that identify how you can achieve these. It allows you and your Mental Health Recovery Worker to measure distance travelled towards the goals you have set, rather than just whether or not the goal has been achieved.


  • Specific – How, with who, when and where
  • Measurable – evidence of goals being achieved
  • Achievable – resources, skills, time
  • Realistic – resources, sustainable, barriers
  • Time-bound – due or end date, review dates
Recovery coaching steps: stuck, accepting help, believing, learning and self-reliance

Domains of the star

  • Managing Tenancy and Accomodation
  • Mental and Physical Health
  • Relationships and Self Care
  • Living Skills and Social Networks
  • Work and Responsibilities
  • Addictive Behaviour
  • Identity and Self Esteem
  • Trust and Hope

We support you to achieve SMART goals in areas of your life that meet your needs.

To provide a basis that supports individual recovery planning Forward Focused uses the Outcomes Star (the Star) as one of its main tools to develop an Individual Recovery Plan.

points on the recovery star: motivation, self-care, living skills, relationships, drug and alcohol, emotional and physical health, accomodation and tenancy.

Befriending Your Anxiety

While Living Your Best Life:

6 Steps of One on One Coaching

These Steps are for you when:

  • You are sick and tired of letting anxiety get in the way of you living your best life
  • Want to end excessive worrying and negative self talk
  • Are struggling with panic attacks
  • Are interested in learning to cope with stress more effectively
  • Want to live a happier, more fulfilling life


Step One: Understand Your Anxious Brain

  • Learn how anxiety affects your brain
  • Become aware of your anxiety triggers
  • Implement the STOP practice to start checking in with yourself during the day

Step Two: The Practice of Returning to Calm (Grounding)

  • Learn how to shift from fight flight freeze to rest and digest
  • Practice breath work and delve into the emotional freedom technique


Step Three: Letting Go of the Struggle with Anxiety

  • Understand the benefits of meditation
  • Mindfulness practices that shift your relationship with anxiety
  • The RAIN practice for working with challenging emotions


Step Four: Challenging Your Anxious Thinking

  • Learn the self coaching model
  • Understand the relationship between your thoughts and your emotions
  • Use the “says who” method to transform your anxious thinking

Step Five: Identify Values that Help You Move towards Living a True Life

  • What and who bring meaning to your life
  • The wheel of life
  • Start practicing the ACT matrix


Step Six: Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself

  • Learn the power of self compassion for alleviating anxiety
  • Gratitude practice as a bridge to the present moment

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