Support Connection

Level 1: Support Connection

Time limited assistance to strengthen participant’s ability to connect with informal, mainstream and funded supports, and to increase capacity to maintain support relationships, resolve service delivery issues, and participate independently in NDIA processes. 

Support Connection is a non-ongoing service focussed on enabling the participant to connect to supports in the plan. The word “connection” is appropriate for a support that assists participants to establish arrangements with funded providers, and to build a network of informal and mainstream supports. 

Support Connection’s primary focus is helping the participant to start their plan implementation by assisting them to: · Identify options (funded, mainstream and in informal networks) · Investigate options · Understand funding flexibility · Reach decisions regarding services · Reach agreement with providers · Commence service and ensure new support arrangements thrive Through the provision of this support it is expected that participants will gain skills to participate in NDIA processes, and gain independence in creating and maintaining supports. 

In the first participant plan, Support Connection may be made available for the full duration of the plan (up to 12 months) to support the participant to learn how to: · Activate their plan (i.e. link to service providers) · Monitor quality and spend of services · Manage flexibility within the plan · Prepare for review There may also be some need to address barriers to participation, and resolve service delivery issues. 

During subsequent (review) plans, Support Linkages should only be provided for a specific purpose, such as to support the participant to change service provider, or build capacity to achieve specific community participation goals, as opposed to the first year where it may be provided to orient the participant to implement their plan more generically.

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